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Fashion Designer from Crema born in 1981, creative and visionary, Andrea grows from an early age a natural talent and infinite love for fashion: former as metalworker, he reinvents himself and becomes with great constancy designer.


In 2013, after a series of studies dedicated to the sector, he obtained the second Gradiation in Clothing and Fashion; a title that, later, will allow him, to become until 2016 Creative Director at an important atelier in Crema.


2016 Andrea decided to found his own brand and fashion maison: the Andrea Tosetti Collection.

Tailor, pattern maker, figurinist, creative, Andrea designs and manufactures every single item of his collections with attention to detail and passion for research. Each collection reflects the curiosity that it puts in life, each dress is the perfect mix of travel experiences, art and musical sounds.

2016 Birth of the Brand

2016 First Collection "Double in Flower"

2016 Decembre The designer creates tailored clothes for the charity fashion show pro Anffas Crema Onlus, where boys and girls with different disabilty parade on the catwalk, an event that takes plece every year during the Christmas period.


.2017 February the collection "Double in flower"is selected for a catwalk during the Milano Fashion Week (at Palazzo Giureconsulti, near Piazza Duomo)


2018 Participation in a fashion-show in Milan - Piazza Affari with the collection "Malastrana" , later this collection positioning himself on the podium of an important national competition held by AIF  in MIlan - Palazzina Liberty.

2018 collaboration with Cooperativa Le Pleiadi of Lodi, the collection "Malastrana" is worn by teenage girls with difficulties who attend the cooperative, this project became a photographic fairy tale book called "Abrazame" pubilshed by Linee Infinite.


2019 Andrea signs the clothes for an unpublished musical in Milan: KIM the Musical, written and directed by Thomas Centaro. 

2019 July a dress from the "Malastrana" collection is worn on the red carpet of the Giffoni Film Festival by the musician and actress Hildegard Destefano, from "La Compagnia Del Cigno" fiction TV RAI.

In the summer Andrea collaborates with Elisa Tagliati with a dress from the Malastrana collection for the artistic project GO DAFNE video/short film.

 2019 "Primrose Collection"is created Andrea sets every single dress in thematic and evocative locations, thanks to a team of professionals.

2019 October Andrea continues the collaboration with Hildegard De Stefano and realizes for her a complete tailored for the presentation of the book "Delitto al conservatorio"by Franco Pulcini at the Rizzoli Galleria in Milan and a dress for the performance of the musician at the Teatro Regio in Parma, during the event Verdi Off.


 2020 The designer has created the new Fill Rouge collection.

The collection starting from the four elements theme  (Water, Air, Earth and Fire) Presented with a project of 4 dresses contextualized in 4 dream locations the project is the result of collaboration of different professionals to create a new emotional set. This project represents the feelings felt during the lockdown.


 2021 Andrea Tosetti cooperates with the international magazine BURDA STYLE and creates an exclusive pattern and a dress for the cover of BURDA Easy 1/21 worn by Valentina Tomirotti @PEPITOSA.  An interview is available inside the magazine and some  video tutorials realized by the designer  are published on the youtube channel of Burda Italia


2021 March: An Andrea Tosetti Collection's dress  is worn by actress and musician Hildegard Destefano at the TV show "La Canzone Segreta" (presented by Serena Rossi)

2021 April: Andrea Tosetti collaborates with Indigo Film and Rai fiction creating an exclusive and elegant tailored dress for the character of Sara in the TV series "La Compagnia del Cigno2" broadcast by RAI1 on Sunday.

2021 May: Hildegarad Destefano is the brand’s testimonial with the photographic project THE SOUND OF SILENCE

2021 August: The designer has created the "Pret a Porter" AV Collection  "ad libitum Collection": The suits "les illets" inspired by the island of Formentera.

2022 February the collection "FIL ROUGE"is selected for a catwalk during the Milano Fashion Week (at Palazzo BAROZZI, near Piazza Duomo) FASHION IN THE CITY


Andrea Tosetti 1981 from Crema (CR)-Fashion Designer/Tailor and Fashion Teacher


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